Described as “vulnerably emotive in the verses” by James Nason of BassBus, this tune made by me and LOST YOU isn’t something you should miss. Reaching 300k on Spotify within the first 2 months and landing on New Music Friday Deutschland, this song has really taken off in a way I never could have imagined. Writing the song was easier than I thought, and the words seemed to flow out on this one - and LOST YOU produced the song and made it a beautiful heartbreak anthem about sticking it out with someone.

Vocals recorded by Paul at Magnetic Audio. Written and performed by Hayden McHugh. Produced, mixed and mastered by LOST YOU.


Honestly, I can 100% say that I have never spent more time producing and putting a song together. Between the production, spending about 3 months piecing all the sounds together, to having all my friends in the studio recording the party vocals, to recording the music video and hauling a piano covered in silver glitter throughout the city of Calgary. This project has been a huge learning experience for me, along with a what I feel is a huge step forward in my artistry as a musician.

Thanks so much to Grant at AudioHouse Studio’s for recording my vocals - thanks to the team for hanging out in the studio with me for the day. I’m so grateful to Maegan Vocke who helped me record many of the atmospheric pieces you hear in the track, as well as lending me her voice for a few of the vocal edits. Thank you so Smol for helping me with the production, and giving me many pointers on reducing the ridiculous mud my song was before.

Thanks to Maxwell Mawji for filming and editing this video for me - thank you to Barry Jordan, who was the sweetest man and hauled a piano in and out of a Uhaul 6 times along with helping me sneak it up into a spot where we weren’t supposed to be hauling heavy equipment..

I hope you all enjoy this brand new bop I made just for you. The music video will be available right here on Oct 12!


Creating this EP was a labour of love for me - learning how to produce and write my own songs, learning how to critique and edit myself to make my work better, and learning how to collaborate with others.

Thank you to Craig Carswell at RedBlack Recordings for all your hard work and passion that you’ve provided to me over this time. Thanks to Zach Taylor for the help on my tracks, and to Michael Hill for making Walk on the Sun the 80’s bop I had intended it to be.

Lion’s Breath - the Acoustics

Lion’s Breath

My very first single ever released!! Produced by Dan Major and Hayden McHugh (mostly Dan at this point lol), recorded by Chedda Cheese. Written by Hayden McHugh.